Hotel interiors are often awe inspiring and may seem unattainable, but we are here to tell you that there are simple ways for you to bring that air of luxury into your own home. The soft ambiance and the bespoke trinkets can all be tailored to your personal taste whilst still having that 5-star quality.

Accra Classroom

Keep it simple

Clean finishes are a huge key point in interior design for hotels, there must always be minimal clutter so that the eye is not distracted from the larger theme of the room. Avoid cluttering up your spaces by having an organization system in place, even the most abstract things can have a place. We recommend containers that can be easily packed away into cupboards and into storage spaces, labelling them can assist you even further in your organizational efforts. Hallways and entrances can often be the more susceptible to clutter; having numerous hooks for hanging coats and bags will easily solve this problem, finding a shoe rack can also help to declutter the floor space.

Bold Lighting

The ambiance of a room can be completely altered by the use of lighting. There is no one standard rule when it comes to lighting, other than the fact that you should make use of multiple layers of lighting to bring depth into the room and to be able to adjust it according to the mood you’re looking for. If you have low ceilings, a larger light feature will help to lift your ceilings and draw the eyes up. Warm lighting assists in giving the room a soft glow, whilst cold lighting significantly highlights the lighter areas of the room and creates more exposure. Depending on your colour scheme and the mood you’re creating, either can work for you

Use symmetry to bring peace

The use of symmetry brings an elegant grace into the room, especially if it is centered around a key feature such as a fireplace, an antique table of an ostentatious couch. You can place smaller features on either side of the main one, such as paintings, coffee tables or houseplants. Attempt to maintain the air of symmetry throughout the room by balancing pieces on each side, almost as though it were on a scale. This will bring an air of tranquility into your living space.

Buy dynamic furniture

Smaller pieces of furniture such as coffee tables and ottomans are great investments as they allow you to change the flow of the room whenever you please without having to buy new furniture pieces. They also make for great places for soft décor furnishes, such as candles, vases or magazines & books. Decorating these small spaces can really elevate the whole theme of a room and make it look more personalized.

Stick to your colour palette

Before decorating, choose a colour palette for each room and make sure that all of your décor and furniture run along with that theme. If you already have furniture, choose a colour palette that includes those colours; make sure to play with different textures within the same colour range. This adds some dimension to the room and allows you to have focal points without simply using striking colours.

Have a few striking features

Whether this may be your art choices, large mirrors or a statement wall; make sure to have a few features that are entirely YOU. Bring your own personality into your rooms by having a few key aspects that truly bring you joy. We love to introduce a patterned wallpaper or some beautiful mirrors to create a feature, mirrors are a particularly useful tool as they assist in making the room appear larger than it is, as well as providing you with a great photo spot. If you don’t want to take any chances, patterned scatter cushions are also a great way to accessorize your furniture whilst still being more minimalist.

We hope that these few tips were enough to get your decorative taste buds tingling and hopefully inspire you to bring some of these ideas into your own home!