Your baby shower is just a celebration of one of the biggest milestones of your life, having a baby! No matter what number baby it is, the mother still deserves to be celebrated for it each time. It’s a beautiful gathering of friends and family; the day should contain much laughter, fun games and presents. We have come up with a list of themes to help you with your organizing.

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This is such a cute theme as it gives you so many ideas to play around with. Your colour scheme can be greens and golds, with those shades of balloons. You can have jungle animal plush toys situated around the room and some nice greenery with the use of pot plants and leaves as part of your table décor. For snacks you can have jungle bars, animal shaped cookies, gold and green chocolate balls or cake pops.

Teddy Bears

A teddy bear baby shower is also a great way to build up your baby-to-be’s plush toy collection. You can have a nude colour palette with a champagne shade to give it a bit of a metallic edge. You can have bunches of helium balloons with a teddy bear hanging onto them and lots of comfortable seating areas surrounded by teddies. Your snack table can be comprised of iced tea in teddy bear shaped honey jars, teddy shaped ginger bread, honeycomb covered in chocolate and honey glazed donuts.

Under the Sea

Your colour palette would naturally be blues and a bit of green, however you can use white balloons with helium to give the effect of bubbles. You can have tasteful sea shell orientated table décor. Your snacks can include cookies made to look like clams, cupcakes with sea creatures on them, mini croissants with eyes stuck on them to look like crabs. There are so many fun ways to bring in elements of the sea.


Doing a season themed baby shower is special because it’s linked to the baby’s birth in more ways than one. In Autumn, you can have a lovely palette of oranges, reds and browns and even use the fallen leaves as part of your décor. You can include little pumpkins and dried wood as part of your table décor. Naturally you would want some pumpkin pie as a snack, you could also include carrot muffins, leaf shaped cookies and maybe some nuts and dried fruit.


A Spring themed baby shower is super easy to throw together. The majority of your décor is obviously fresh flowers and greenery, maybe add a couple of colourful balloons that match your flowers and you’re set! Your snacks could include some fresh fruit, mimosas, flower shaped cookies, ice lollies and a cheese board with some preserves.

Moon & Stars

You can really take this theme as simply or as far as you want. The colour palette we would suggest would be silver and navy blue, so that everything looks like the night sky. You can have stars hanging from the ceiling and a moon in the center of the room, use a navy runner on your table and scatter tiny star and moon confetti over it. Your flowers can just be plain white with a little bit of greenery. The snack table can have star and moon shaped cookies, cupcakes with stars and moons on them and blue and white sweets in bowls.

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We hope that this has made the planning easier and we also would love to host your baby shower! Whatever your choice of theme for this special celebration – be sure to contact us about venue options to host your special celebration.