Do you want to organize an activity for the weekend but you’re also aware of the benefits of living a sustainable lifestyle? We have created a list of eco-friendly activities for you to explore, all on your doorstep in Accra.

Accra Classroom

Picnic at Mmofra Place

What better way to spend a lovely sunny day than having a picnic? It is a great family friendly activity or even a good excuse to get a group of friends together. Pack in your favourite snacks, such as veggies and hummus, mini hamburgers and cupcakes. Maybe even bring a bottle of wine to enjoy along with your eats. Soak up the sunlight on a soft picnic blanket and enjoy a carefree afternoon.

Aburi Botanical Gardens

Take in nature at its finest at the beautiful botanical gardens. You can enjoy all of Ghana’s natural wonders in one destination, where the plants are all carefully curated and taken care of in optimal conditions. Perhaps you would even take a book with you and sit in nature and read in peace. You also do your part in contributing to the sustainability movement as your admittance fee is put towards caring for the plants.

Labadi Pleasure Beach

Ghana has many stunning beaches, Labadi just being one of them. You can enjoy a relaxing beach day or you could even rent a kayak and go for a paddle. Bring along a speaker and some snacks and make a day out of your trip to the ocean. Afterwards you might head to one of the beach front restaurants and have cocktails while you watch the glorious sunset.

Ankasa Conservation Area

If you’re up for some light exercise, you could head to Ankasa Conservation Area and take a walk through the lush nature. You might even spot some beautiful birds or other animals that have made this area their home. Beware to stay on the path as to not disturb any ecosystems in place.

Accra Zoo

When was the last time you went to a zoo? Probably as a child. You might be surprised by how much wonder a zoo can hold as an adult. Of course, if you have children they will probably be begging to go with you, however, if you don’t it’s still a great way to spend the day. Admiring animals and learning more about them is only one part, the other being that you assist in paying for the care of these creatures with the entrance fee that you pay. Many zoos have rehabilitation programs for animals that are injured or endangered, therefore you’re also helping to keep these programs in place.

Golf at Achimota Golf Club

Golf may not be the first activity that comes to mind when you think sustainability, however as the carbon footprint of golf courses is practically zero, a day on the greens is not only fun but also a sustainable activity. So grab your clubs, call a few of your friends and arrange a tee off time.

Why don’t you give one of these a try and if it goes well for you, encourage your friends and family to do the same? This way we can share our green mindset and start implementing it in our lifestyles.