Valentine’s day brings around the perfect opportunity to ask the BIG question, the troubling part is how to ask it…

We have come up with a few sensational suggestions to help you make the moment a treasured and romantic one – and we are positively optimistic that the only answer can be a YES!

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On a Hot Air Balloon

A great option as it allows you to take a little adventure together and make the proposal even more memorable. Book a private Hot Air Balloon ride so that you can enjoy your moment without a group of strangers. Bring a bottle of bubbly and pop it open as you float along with the clouds and take in all the beautiful nature below you.

On a Boat at Sunset

Take part in a sunset cruise or hire a boat for just the two of you; sail around the majestic ocean and soak up the last rays of the sun as you watch it set over the sea. There could not be a more perfect setting for you to get on one knee. Afterwards you could enjoy a beautiful dinner for two on the deck underneath the light of the moon

With a Photo Album

This is a craftier option, but the effort will truly go a long way with your partner. Create a photo album of your relationship, including all your favourite memories. The two of you can go through it together and escape down memory lane. Make the last page blank and title it ‘Our Engagement’ and have a camera ready to take a photo of your proposal moment.

Stage a Scavenger Hunt

This involves a bit of planning and is a great way to involve family and friends in the proposal. Give each one a clue and place them at all your favourite locations – all leading up to the final clue which will be you. You could be at your favourite restaurant, where the two of you can enjoy celebratory food and champagne once they have said yes.

Create your own Movie Trailer

Create a trailer from your favourite videos together, like a romantic montage of your relationship. You can do this for your own viewing at home or take your partner to your local cinema and get them to play it before the movie starts. This would be the biggest surprise for your loved one and is sure to get some ahhh’s and applause from the crowd.

Go to Your Favourite Location

Simple, yet affective as you already have fond memories of the place, whether it be a park, a museum, a beach, or a restaurant, it is sure to put a smile on your partner’s face. Romanticise it with some rose petals, flowers, candles, and you’re all set for your big moment.

Take a Hike Together

If being in nature is something that the two of you love to do together, plan a hike for the two of you. You will be able to take in all your gorgeous natural surroundings whilst still spending quality time together. Perhaps you want to pack a little picnic for the two of you to share once you reach the peak. Once settled, you can surprise them by popping the question.

We hope that there is something for everyone in this list of ideas! No matter what you choose to do, the day will surely be special as it is celebrating the love between the two of you. Share your special proposals with us – tag us on Facebook or Instagram .