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FRH Management undergoes Stress Management Training

Posted on 7 Jun 2018

In today’s competitive world of doing business, the key to success relies on Customer Satisfaction. As a result, servicing customer needs has become a priority for many organizations and Fiesta Royale Hotel is no exception. Regrettably however, most organizations fail to act upon the satisfaction of their employees who are the internal customers of the organization. Indeed can an organization serve the needs of its customers properly when they fail to satisfy the needs of its internal Customers?

As part of its Human Resource strategies for 2018, Training and Development for Managers and Staff remains a key priority. In light of this, Managers of Fiesta Royale Hotel attended a Stress Management Workshop in April, 2018. A one -day training on Psychological Health (Stress Management) was organized. Management was equipped with new skills and knowledge on how to effectively manage stress while being productive on the job.

Eliminating stress at work as an organization isn’t feasible, however at the end of the training session, Management team acquired new skills and knowledge on what anxiety is, causes of anxiety, types, symptoms, effects and how to deal with anxiety – Anger Management and how to handle it to be effective and productive on the job was also addressed.

At the end of the training, truly the Management team was very appreciative as wellness programs have countless benefits to the individual and organization as a whole. To constantly remember these guidelines on stress Management, the team has resolved to a stress campaign – to take charge of the work related stress! Stress Management is a campaign internally designed to help team members respond to common stressors such as work deadlines, traffic congestion which will always be part of our life.

(Article by – Yvonne Eyeson – Sales & Marketing Manager)

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WhatsApp Image 2018-06-05 at 17.19.49

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