Whether you may be travelling to Ghana for business or pleasure, you have probably never considered the culinary delights that await you.

Travelling in Africa is like no other, the cuisine takes a whole new turn on farm to table. All the local favourites can be farmed and sourced from the surrounding areas, therefore providing the freshest of ingredients – many of which Western culinary culture has yet to explore.

1. Plantain

Also known as ‘cooking bananas’, these fruits are very starchy and have a relatively neutral flavour when cooked. Two of the favourite styles of plantain are fried and as chips; they have a lovely soft texture and a slight sweetness when fried and the chips are mostly lightly salted or spiced.

The Grillroom at Fiesta Residences offers a starter dish of Seared Beef & Crispy Plantain with Smoked Paprika Zabaglione, which is a deliciously modern take on such a beloved local dish.

2. Jolllof Rice

This West African rice dish is the subject of many arguments as it has become a feud between which country makes the best Jollof Rice. All of the commotion surrounding the dish should be reason enough to try it but if you need more, it is also entirely plant based yet packed with flavour.

It is a slow cooked rice meal with roasted tomato and bell pepper puree, making it very popular buffet meal that you will find at most weddings or functions in Ghana.

Mansonia Restaurant at Fiesta Royale Hotel offers a extensive all day buffet that will provide the perfect setting to try Jollof Rice and all of it’s pairings in one seating.

3. FuFu

This popular Ghanaian food is comprised of pounded cassava and plantain mixed together. It is served as a fluffy starch dish with stews or soups. The most popular soups being goat and chicken, alternatively palm nut soup is a delicious vegan option.

4. Fresh Local Seafood

With miles of coastline, it only makes sense that Ghana has a plentiful seafood offering and the locals make use of it in every way possible. There is nothing quite like garlic butter prawns, barbequed crab and fish stew to get your mouth watering. No matter how you enjoy your seafood, you will find somewhere in Ghana that does it better.

An interesting variation which may tickle your fancy is a seafood kebab, which is a popular street food but can also be found in restaurants, such as The Grillroom, where it is grilled in your choice of 5 spice blends.

5. Bofrot / Puff Puff

A popular street food that can be found on most market corners in Ghana, these fried dough balls are both cost effective and delicious. They can be eaten alone or with breakfast foods, such as Koko (morning porridge)

6. Tilapia

The most popular fish in Ghana rightly deserves its own listing. Its earthy flavour combines well with Shito and Green pepper sauces which are the most common condiments and are the signature sauces of Ghanaian cuisine.

Tilapia is enjoyed in a variety of forms but the most highly recommended is grilled. On The Grillroom menu you will find Tilapia Ghanaian Style, marinated in chilli, garlic and white wine.

7. Apapransa

Often cooked with a whole crab on top, this meal is made of cooked beans, roasted cornflour and palm nut soup. It is a local delicacy that can be found at most celebrations and events.

The large variety of authentic local food on the Mansonia Restaurant buffet includes many delicacies such as Apapransa.

Now that you have 7 more reasons to come to Ghana, we hope to see you very soon!